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At Rancher’s Legacy we believe in good old fashioned customer service that includes being accessible, listening, and following through on our promises. We operate a made-to-order facility with short lead times and quick response while delivering a safe and superior quality product. At Rancher’s Legacy, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

State of the Art Facility

Food Safety

State of the art facility

The quality of our product starts with using quality raw materials purchased from our researched and approved vendors. Upon arrival at our facility, these raw materials are carefully checked to ensure food safety and quality specifications are met. Our experienced team members then utilize our state of the art equipment and technology to produce a superior product to meet the individual needs of each customer. Read more

Rancher's Legacy: Why we are different

Rancher’s Legacy prides itself on producing a quality of product that is unmatched, utilizing state of the art and innovative processes.  We partner with select small and mid-size Midwest cattle and pork producers who share our values of quality and consistency. 

Our Story

Rancher’s Legacy was built to consistently produce high-quality fresh and frozen ground meat in patty and bulk configurations. We are proud to employ a highly trained team with a combined industry experience level exceeding 150 years.

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