Chefs & Restaurants

We know that quality and consistency matters more than anything else. Which is why we work closely with our restaurant and chef customers to ensure that the right products are selected for every menu – whether that’s choosing from our wide range of fresh beef solutions, or customized products from our value added range.

Also, did you know that we offer a range of portion-controlled options that are unique to the market and allow you to find the best meat to suit your menu and price point? Our wholesale meat range combines quality and cost-efficiency for a finished product that is sure to impress you and your customers.

And best of all, we ship to all major distributors, servicing thousands of restaurants and chefs throughout the United States (and internationally).

We pride ourselves on our skill and flexibility which allows for a completely customizable offering, should that be required.

Contact us today to find out more about us, our range of products and how we can work together.

Chefs & Restaurants