Rancher’s Legacy partners with hand-picked vendors who provide quality and consistent raw material for the best tasting steaks and chops available. Our team of expert steak cutters hand cut every item to order, ensuring that chefs receive exactly what they are looking for, every time.

Our high-quality beef is wet aged for a minimum of 21 days before cutting, allowing the beef’s natural flavor and tenderness to fully develop. All of our pork is Duroc Pork, a heritage breed known for its superior marbling, providing a naturally juicer and more tender product.

No matter what cut you are looking for, Rancher’s Legacy can exceed your expectations for quality and consistency. With various grades, sizes, breeds, and cut styles, we have hundreds of options for you to choose from.

For larger retail and institutional orders, Rancher’s Legacy utilizes a laser guided cutting machine, allowing us to provide high-quality, consistent steaks and chops in any quantity needed.

Graded Product Available

USDA Prime
USDA Upper 2/3 Choice
USDA Choice
USDA Select
USDA ungraded
Grass fed


Breeds Available


Black Angus
Piedmontese by Great Plains Beef
American Wagyu

Our Most Common Beef Cuts


Porterhouse and T-bones


Bone-In and Boneless NY, Vegas, Manhattan, Block Cuts


Bone- In and Boneless Tenderloin Tips

Top Sirloin

Center-Cut, Seam-In, Seamless, Face-Cut, Baseball-Cut, Square-Cut Top Sirloin Cap Steaks


Fillet of Sirloin


Bone- In and Boneless Lip-on and Lip-off steaks

Short Rib

Bone-In and Boneless Plate or Chuck

Teres Major

Trimmed or Steaks

Teres Major

Steaks or Tips

Top Blade

Flat Iron Steak

Flank Steak

Trimmed or Steaks

Sirlion Flap

Trimmed or Steaks