Rancher’s Legacy evolved from an idea to create a customer-focused ground beef processing facility with the ability to consistently produce the best burgers in the market, while creating unique and custom blends that meet the needs of chefs and institutions with increasing demands for higher quality products.

Creating the best burgers and steaks starts with using the best beef, and Rancher’s Legacy has partnered with hand-picked suppliers which are able to consistently provide us with high-quality beef from the Midwest and beyond. These small and mid-sized suppliers value quality over quantity, buying only cattle that meet their tight specifications to ensure consistency throughout the year.  Daily and weekly deliveries of Angus, Grass-Fed, American Wagyu, and Certified Piedmontese beef from our partners ensure that our product is always of the highest quality with unparalleled taste.

Rancher’s Legacy’s state of the art facility allows for continuous innovation by our production team, who use their combined experience of over 200 years in the industry to create products that exceed any others in the market.  Unlike some of our competitors, our ground products are true to their labeling, with consistent lean points and ingredients.  Our experience and facility also give us the flexibility to co-pack for companies whose customers, like ours, demand the highest quality.

We use Darfresh Vacuum Packaging equipment to keep our high-quality ground and cut products as fresh as possible, locking in flavor and ensuring a longer shelf life on our products, fresh or frozen.

Over the last 10 years, Rancher’s Legacy has grown from an idea into a company that is known by chefs nationwide for its quality and consistent products, flexibility, and integrity in our business practices.

Quality, Consistency, Integrity – That is Our Legacy

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