Conference Room

Our Conference Room encapsulates the culture of Rancher’s Legacy.

Rancher's Legacy boardroom

Test Kitchen

We are set up to cook all of our products to perfection…A great asset to test our products, our test kitchen also is used to educate- and of course hold a tasting or two.

The Grind

Rancher’s Legacy produces grinds in a variety of options to meet the needs of both food service and retail customers. We lay the highest quality beef on the line to work its way through our innovative grinding machine. We put some serious tender loving care into our ground beef. Nothing gets through but the beef, anything else gets kicked out via our state of the art bone elimination system

Frozen Line

Here we produce Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) patties. Sent through a spiral freezer to lock in freshness and great taste, the patties are then packaged up and shipped out.

Formax Line

Formax’s controlled feed carefully conveys the meat to the pump box where it flows through holes in the fill plate. Using Tender Form technology simply creates a better tasting burger.

Bulk Line

We are set up to handle any bulk needs with any of our product lines.

Hand Craft Line

Using innovative burger forming technology, we are able to create low-pressure patties that mimic hand formed patties. The result?  A loose patty that showcases the flavor and quality of our beef and pork.

Steak Line

Each piece is hand cut, weighed, and packaged with Darfresh technology…sealing in the flavor and increasing your shelf life on product.

Multivac Steak Packaging